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Mrs. Leo and I are looking forward to a great year in the library. We hope you are, too. This year we will be sharing lots of great titles from the Monarch and Bluestem nominee lists with our students. Our older students will also be working on refining their library skills. Be sure to visit this web page often to find out what new titles become available at Century Oaks Library during the coming months. In addition, you will be able to find out what books I am reading as I will be posting short summaries of my favorites. Watch for my picks and be sure to let me know what your favorite picks are too. Happy reading! - Mrs. Kennedy
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Fiction and Non-Fiction Selections
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For older students
Mrs. Kennedy's favorite summer fiction books...

Ungifted by Gordon Korman and Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage. In Ungifted, we meet Donovan who just happens to be one of the best pranksters at his school. After one particularly disastrous prank, the principal is ready to dish out consequences. However, due to an administrative mix-up, Donovan ends up in a gifted program at a whole new school. Not wanting to go back and face the music, he does his best to fool the students and teachers into thinking he belongs in the program. Soon, everyone realizes that Donovan isn't good at math, or science, or much of anything other than surfing the internet. In the end, Donovan and the other students learn that being ungifted may be the biggest gift of all!

Three Times Lucky is another of my favorite summer reads. Sixth grader Mo LoBeau was sent, as a baby, downriver in a hurricane by her birthmother. She was rescued by the 'Colonel' and was raised by him and his wife 'Miss Lana.' Ever since she was rescued Mo has been looking for her upstream mother while helping out at the Colonel and Miss Lana's cafe. However, things take a turn when one of the townsfolk turns up murdered. An out-of-town detective first suspects her best friend Dale. Soon, the detective implicates the Colonel and Mo takes it upon herself to search for the answer to the mystery. Who really committed the crime? Does Mo find her upstream mother? Read Three Times Lucky to find the answers!
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For our younger students
Mrs. Kennedy's favorite picture book is...

This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen. I read this picture book over the summer and loved it! It is all about a little fish in very big ocean who steals the perfect hat from a giant fish (who happens to be sleeping). The little guy is sure that the giant fish will never find him as he smugly swims away. Does the giant fish get his hat back? Read this 2013 Caldecott Award book to find out!
If you love nonfiction...

Stop by the library and check out Snakes by Nic Bishop. Nic Bishop is my all time favorite nonfiction author and I am happy to say that his latest book is outstanding. As many of you know, Nic does all his own photography as well as his own research. In Snakes, Nic introduces us to both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes with amazing photos. You'll read about snakes from all over the world and even read how Nic built a habitat in his home for a snake. You can learn more about Nic Bishop at his website: