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Award Winning Books

Illinois Book Award Programs

Every year Illinois students are asked to vote on the best book. This year's nominations are listed in the links below. The Monarch Award is geared towards students in kingergarten to 3rd grade.

The Caudill Award is for students in grades 4 through 8.

The Abraham Lincoln Award is for high school students.

-Monarch Award
-Rebecca Caudill Award
-Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Award

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U-46 Library Mission Statement
As an integral part of the educational program of School District U-46, it is the mission of the library to provide the learning community with a broad range of print and electronic materials, build information literacy skills, support library and classroom curriculum, foster a love of reading, and to encourage life-long learning.
Library Curriculum

U-46 follows a comprehensive library and information literacy curriculum covering all grade levels.

-Library / Information Literacy Skills
-Grade Continuum
-21st Century Learning Standards